Due to a slight problem with logging into our main Teraz Films Store
*some customers see a blank white screen
(as mentioned in previous emails -
for a fix - scroll to the bottom) .
So we have created a new checkout store at The Teraz -Store

We are offering 10% off All orders at the new Teraz - Store plus even more discounts!
At the moment this is mainly an alternative Checkout Store. It is not fully stocked with goods.
They can still all be viewed at our main
To go to the new store, just click on the eyes above or below!

PART 1: 2.45 mins
Home Page and Memberships, Padlocks,
Security Warnings, Logging in, Bloggs
PART 2: 1.05 mins
Log in (White Screen and how to fix), Green Padlock, Forgotten Passwords
PART 3 : 5.15 mins
The New Store, How it works, How to Purchase tokens, etc
PART 4 : 1.15 mins
Gold Memberships, How to complete your checkout at the Teraz-Store



This new alternative store is a 100% secure, high level professional store with a fast, smooth and simple checkout.

Due to the "sensitive" content that we sell, we are deciding what is the best way to proceed with this new Teraz Store.
For the moment we are not uploading the strong images that appear at So all the graphic information and images will still only be seen here.

Here are some examples of what we can't show at the new store:

Please understand, that the main (which has been on line since 2011) is a totally secure Starfield SHA-2 certificated site (as recognised by Go Daddy),
where you can safely purchase goods but there is the recent logging in blip (already mentioned), which we have still not managed to correct.

Also due to the fact that we sometimes link to images on our various blogs (see here for a list of our blogs - no longer updated),
it seems that some browsers have changed their standards to include this as a possible security risk, so you may see this message.

If you look at the PADLOCK in your Browser as you view this page, you will see that it is GREEN. This is because this page has NO extrior links
So we are replacing all exterior links with links inside the Https area. But this takes some time.
This is just an over zealous warning by some Browsers. Which is very annoying as our SSL SHA-2 Certificate is recognised by Go Daddy!
SHA stands for Secure Hashing Algorithm. SHA-1 and SHA-2 are two different versions of that algorithm. ...
SHA-1 is a 160-bit hash. SHA-2 is actually a “family” of hashes and comes in a variety of lengths, the most popular being 256-bit.

LIKEWISE: When you go to checkout and input your credit card , you will see the Padlock turn to Green and the (i) message states that this is a Secure Site.
All the way through the checkout process, the padlock stays GREEN. So when you place your credit card details, you are in a strong, secure area.

BUT, for those of you who maybe don't want their details input into a site that contains strong adult material, the new Teraz Store
could be a good option, as now you can peruse the
anonymously, make a note of the titles you are interested in and go to our more "innocuous" Teraz - to make your purchase.
In fact you can use the shopping basket without even logging in. Here is how:

OPTION 1 TERAZ TOKENS: At the main Teraz Films Store, load up the basket with the videos and any of the cheap extras (BTs, Alt versions, interviews, trailers, etc)
on offer and when you have finished - click SHOPPING CART (on the top menu bar).

Now you will see the contents of your basket (See example below).

Now you can simply copy and paste the purchases into your email client (Hotmail, Gmail, etc):

But before you do that, it would be best if you changed the currency to £ (GB Pound) as that is the currency used on the new checkout site.
Our rate is pretty much the spot rate of the day. The Currency Box is on the left (just scroll down)

How to Copy and Paste: Set your curser at the end of the sub total (eg: Sub-Total: £21.12) Press the left mouse button and drag up to the top - to include "Your Shopping Cart Contents"
so that you see that section highlighted then (to look like the image below)
Press CTRL C (or right click and select copy)

Now open your email and paste the info (CTRL V or Right Click on mouse and select Paste) (You may see all the cover images in your email too)
Add something in the subject line (eg: Teraz Films Order and name) And send the email order to


Now go to Teraz - Store and purchase the token that is closest to the Subtotal amount: [BUT DON'T GO JUST YET AS WE WILL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO NEXT]

To the Teraz - Store

For the example order we have used above (£21.12) you would select TOKEN 10 and set the quantity to 2 (There are a number of different options) and Add to Cart
As a special promotion 10% will automatically be deducted - so here you would only pay £18 (GBP)

If the total for the goods is a few of pounds over the value of the token, that's OK.

BTW under this promotion - when you select £25.00 - you are only charged £23.00 (GBP).
TOKEN 100 you pay £85.00 - you get £100.00 worth (if you buy £100 (GBP) x 2 - you get £30 (GBP) Off!
TOKEN 75 you pay £65.00 - you get £75.00 worth.
TOKEN 50 you pay £45.00 - you get £50.00 worth.

IMPORTANT: A token can only be used once. So use all the value. You can't save some for later.

So when you have selected your token, purchase it. This is a standard procedure and very straight forward - just like Amazon, etc.
Tip: If you wish, you can change the spelling of your name or your address and the telphone number doesn't have to be exact either.
This worked fine on our tests.

All our communications are done via email, not by telephone - especially as everyone is on different time zones, so don't worry about giving your phone number - we won't be calling.

Checkout and you will recieve an email - so will we. We will then send your order links via email along with the download codes

Here is an example of what the link will look like (Feel Free to watch - this needs no downlaod code):

OPTION 2: GOLD MEMBERSHIP: Buy a Gold Membership where you can download EVERYTHING we have ever released (inc the 12 features, all the shorts, BTS, re-edits, MPEGS, WMV, etc,etc)
PLUS you have FULL ACCESS to the TERAZ ZONE - FOR LIFE (Even after your Gold Membership ends).
Also when you buy a GOLD MEMBERSHIP from the new store you will recieve the codes instantly - via a link in the email.

SPECIAL PROMOTION: If you buy a GOLD MEMBERSHIP now we are adding an EXTRA 3 MONTHS for FREE.
ALSO: When your GOLD MEMBERSHIP ends you can renew for just half the price!
FINALLY: You will now receive just ONE easy to remember USER I.D. & PASSWORD for The Gold Members Area, The Downloads (if Asked), The Teraz Zone and The Teraz Films Store (If asked).

We are looking into making all the films downloadable right from the new Teraz Store but this will be a slow process as we have a lot of films.
Also some titles are a little strong (eg: Anally Raped By The Pussy Strangler) so we may use an item code (EG: TPS3 = The Pussy Strangler 3).
You will see the item code in the description

Finally: We have not decided on the best way to move ahead with this store, so we will be testing out a few ideas. For instance,
You can download FK2:The Cyclist MP4 from the new store and it works really well - (we did a test). You are sent a link by email which you can download straight away
AND there are NO download codes! We will be adding more but it will take time

BTW: The eyes are those of Melissa Ria, star of A Lesson For The English Teacher

PART 1: 2.45 mins
Home Page and Memberships, Padlocks,
Security Warnings, Logging in, Bloggs
PART 2: 1.05 mins
Log in (White Screen and how to fix), Green Padlock, Forgotten Passwords
PART 3 : 5.15 mins
The New Store, How it works, How to Purchase tokens, etc
PART 4 : 1.15 mins
Gold Memberships, How to complete your checkout at the Teraz-Store


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